EUROPEAN CONNECTION dealer application

We only wholesale to authorized motorcycle dealers



Business Name : ______________________________________________________________________

Address : ___________________________________________________________________________

City : ___________________________ State : ________________________________ Zip : ______

Contact : ___________________________________________________________________________

Federal Tax ID Number : _____________________________________________

Phone Number : ___________________________________________________________________

E-Mail : _________________________________________________________________________

Website : _______________________________________________________________________

Shipping Address : _________________________________________________________________

City : __________________________ State : __________________________________Zip : ______

Terms and Conditions :   Payments
:    Orders must be paid in full before shipping.There is a $100.00 
                                                                                min. purchase for wholesale orders. 
                         Shipping :    ECC will utilize the best carrier with USPS or UPS depending on
                                                                                size and weight.

                                                     Guarantee : 
   We stand behind all our products 100% and guarantee then for 
                                                                                defects and blemishes ( unless sold as is in scratch and dent 
                                                                                sale or sold as used.)

                                 Damage and Returns :
    It is the responsibility of the buyer to inspect the shipment for
                                                                                 defects or damages and order discrepancies. Should there be
                                                                                 any , a claim must be filed within 3 business days from receipt
                                                                                 of shipment. Before returning any product you must contact us
                                                                                 for instructions.

After application is approved you will be given a dealer code with percentage discount (upon agreement)

 Agreement :
I hereby acknowledge that the above information is correct and have read and agreed to the terms and conditions.

Authorized Signature : ______________________________________ Date : ______________      

Print Name : __________________________________ Title / Position : ______________________

Return your application to:     European Connection   14413 Ridge Rd.  Prairieville , Louisiana  70769

Copy and return E- Mail  :

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